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Each of our products have been crafted with the best sourced organic and natural ingredients to help you naturally boost and support your immune system. We start with our organic farm fresh elderberry and build from there. When you take our immune boosting products you know you are getting all of the good ingredients and none of the bad ones.
(no fillers, hidden allergens, or wierd ingredients)

As Hippocrates said "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Food Is Medicine

Elderberry is one of the longest studied herbal supplements in the world and adored by herbalists worldwide for its ability to shorten duraton of colds, flus and help with allergies. Elderberry may sound too good to be true, but when it comes to keeping you healthy it's a game changer. Elderberry Fields has created a line of products that use minimal and simple ingredients, natural superfood with our own fresh farm grown elderberry to help support and boost your immune system.

Triple Extract Elderberry Tincture Liquid | 2 fl oz | Elderberry Fields
Triple Extract Elderberry Tincture Liquid | 2 fl oz | Elderberry Fields

Try our farm fresh Elderberry Tinctures

Our Triple Extract elderberry tincture (contains alcohol) and our Elderberry Syrup Glycerin (does not contain alcohol) are easy to use, carry on compliant in size.

From the people
From the people
Elderberry has literally saved me this teaching year. All of the other teachers came down with colds and flus but I swear by taking elderberry daily and did not succumb.
— Julianne
From the people
This is so easy to take daily and tasty too! I like to add my oxymel to a sparkling beverage if I forget to take it in the morning.
— Chris
From the people
I love that I can make my own elderberry as the store-bought stuff was too expensive for our family of 5 to take this daily. Now we can make our own with the freeze dried.
— Barbara
Elderberry Fields Immune Boosting Elderberry Organic Orchard Vernon BC
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Meet Your Elderberry Farmers

A true farm to table experience means you know your farmer... it's nice to meet you!

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DIY Freeze Dried Elderberry Kit | 16 fl oz | Elderberry Fields

Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

We have do it yourself freeze dried elderberry kits for the medicine makers.

Elderberry Oxymel Wellness Shot Liquid | 4 fl oz | Elderberry Fields

Buy Premade Elderberry Products

Not everyone has time to make their own elderberry syrup so we have options for ready to use elderberry products.