Triple Extract Elderberry Tincture


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By using or triple extract method we get all of the medicinal qualities extracted from the elderberry. This is a very potent and easy to use method of getting elderberry into your daily life. It is also in 2 oz bottle which means you can add this to your liquids bag in your carry on!

Daily Recommended Dose
As a supplement, simply take 1 dose per day. 
-adults 1 dropper per day
-children (at least 12 months old) 1/4-1/2 dropper a day
At the onset of symptoms, repeat the dosage every 2-4 hours as needed until the symptoms subside. Then go back to your daily dose.


- Certified Organic Farm Fresh Elderberries, harvested by hand on our farm in the Okanagan British Columbia
- Okanagan Spirits Fruit Based Alochol
- Palm Oil Glycerine
- Local Okanagan Honey
- Distilled Water
- Organic Cinnamon Chunks
- Organic Ginger

Suggested Usage:

You can use this product to make tea, add to smoothies or as a daily supplement/elixir.

Why should you choose elderberry as your daily dose?

Elderberry will help build your body up in cold and flu season so you can be healthy year round this is a daily staple! Our products are freeze dried meaning long long shelf life. (25 years)

Why should you choose elderberry as your daily dose?

Studies show that Elderberries are...
- full of antioxidants
- rich in nutrients including key vitamins and minerals such at Vitamin A, B6, C, potassium, iron, fiber, folate
- may reduce cold and flu symptoms
- may reduce inflammation
- may reduce stress
- supports heart health
- an excellent digestive support
- may relieve nasal congestion
- may reduce symptoms of allergies
- gives skin a beautiful glow