What is elderberry known for?

Elderberry is known to be a natural way to boost your immune system through its high antioxidant value and being a known anti-viral.

Elderberry has been scientifically proven to fight against the common cold and flu viruses. In clinical trials, taking elderberry at the onset of a cold of flu will eliminate symptoms 3-4 days sooner than those not taking the elderberry. It also helps to prevent the cold and flu if taken daily. It is safe to take daily and recommended to take daily, especially in the winter months.

Elderberry has additional benefits on top of its most common use of colds and flu remediation. It also aids in reducing inflammation, alleviating arthritis and is an excellent boost for athletes with its high antioxidant value. 

How do I take these products?

As noted above Elderberry is an excellent daily dose product. To keep your immune system at its best take elderberry daily and at the onset of a cold or flu up your intake to a dose every 2 hours until the symptoms are gone. This has been helpful in a quick remediation of symptoms so you can get back to doing what you love!

Can children take this product?

Absolutely your children can take elderberry (it is predominantly a food!) We do not recommend children under 1 take any of our products with honey in them. Which is why we have our Freeze Dried elderberry and our DIY Freeze Dried Elderberry so you can substitute the honey for sugar in those recipes. If you have a baby under 6 months old we recommend that the mom take it as those antibodies and beneficial antioxidants will come through your breast milk or speak to your pediatrician in regards to how to dose your under 6 month old directly.

What is the shelf life?

This will vary depending on the product. Our tincture is in an alcohol base so it has a shelf stability of 10 years. Our oxymel is best used for optimal potency within 1 year (once opened we recommend keeping it in the fridge). Our freeze dried products are shelf stable for up to 25 years.

Are you organic certified?

Yes we are organic certified by North Okanagan Organic Association and our certification no is 04-396. We also grow according to regenerative agriculture protocols so we use fish and kelp fertilizer as our foliar sprays. We use mulch to minimize our irrigation needs and keep the soil hydrated in our hot Okanagan summers. We also use nitrogen fixing and bee loving clover between our rows which helps again with both beautification of our property, water retention, minimizes erosion and is good for our bees!