It seems like there has been a huge growth in the small family farm and we are happy to be a part of this 'back to our roots' trend. Rosemary grew up with her feet, hands (and if you ask her mother whole body) firmly planted and covered in the dirt. Born and raised in Northern Alberta on a large grain and grass seed farm she is familiar with the ins and outs of farming. However, as reminded by her dad, there is a big difference from large scale farming to small scale orchards so it is a good thing we all love to learn!

Christian grew up in Ontario, came out west, fell in love with both Rosemary and the west and decided to stay. He grew up in the city for most of his childhood but his family moved in with his grandparents on their acreage in his teens. This is where his love for tractors, fixing things, and being a jack of many trades comes from. Christian is the reason we have an irrigation system and tractors/machinery that mostly runs. (farm joke - if it ain't broke it just ain't broke yet!) 

This is a family farm as Rosemary's mom and dad, neices and nephews, brothers and sisters from both sides have helped with various aspects of our farming operation. We decided when we moved onto this property in 2017 that we wanted more for it then a thistle growing hayfield and we are excited to share our journey from thistles to garlic to elderberry. Our organic and regenerative farm is a passion project and we are thrilled to have family, friends and now followers join us in this farming adventure.