Freeze Dried Elderberries


Elderberry Fields freeze-dried Sambucus Canadensis elderberries are available in 1oz (about 1 cup) sachets.

Freeze-drying preserves all of the juice & 98% of the nutrients from fresh berries. Simply add warm water to rehydrate if you want them to perform just like fresh! 

The 1 oz bag of freeze-dried organic elderberries is equivalent to a little over a quarter of a pound of fresh elderberries.


Organic Farm Fresh Elderberries, harvested by hand on our farm in the Okanagan British Columbia

Certified organic. 

Suggested Usage:

You can use this product to make tea, cordial, syrup, oxymel, jams or pies... or add dried as a topping to your daily yogurt! 

Why should you choose elderberry as your daily dose?

Elderberry will help build your body up in cold and flu season so you can be healthy year round this is a daily staple! Our products are freeze dried meaning long long shelf life. (25 years)

Why should you choose elderberry as your daily dose?

Studies show that Elderberries are...
- full of antioxidants
- rich in nutrients including key vitamins and minerals such at Vitamin A, B6, C, potassium, iron, fiber, folate
- may reduce cold and flu symptoms
- may reduce inflammation
- may reduce stress
- supports heart health
- an excellent digestive support
- may relieve nasal congestion
- may reduce symptoms of allergies
- gives skin a beautiful glow